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Thursday, 7 July 2011

6th July 2011... Wet and Windy

Had 1 trap on (under cover) hoping that something exotic might blow in on the strong wind.
Nothing doing, but a year first BROWN-LINE BRIGHT-EYE found its way into the Skinner trap.

BRYOTROPHA TERRELLA braved last nights wind and rain. 3 x Scalloped Oak

3 x Dark Arches

3 x Shuttle-shaped Dart

1 x Cloaked Minor

1 x Riband Wave

3 x Common Footman

2 x Scarce Footman

1 x Double Square-spot

2 x Smoky Wainscot

1 x Pale Mottled Willow

1 x Brown-line Bright-eye

5 x Uncertain

2 x Light Arches

2 x Endotricha flammealis

2 x Eudonia mercurella

1 x Clepsis consimilana

1 x Chrysoteuchia culmella

1 x Oegoconia spp....probably "caradjai" as were the previous 4 gen dets

2 x Crambus pascuella

2 x Celypha striana

1 x Bryotropha terrella

Garden totals :-

305 species...186 macro, 119 micro


  1. I've only ever had one Scalloped Oak in the garden Trent. No idea why so scarce?

  2. They are certainly in Northumberland, a little more thinly distributed than our patch. Can't think why they are so scarce in your garden 'cos they feed on various deciduous trees. Just the luck of the draw I guess.