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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New micro for garden and Caribbean moth for I.D.

A micro caught on 4th June has been ID'd as COCHYLIDIA HEYDENIANA 957 another addition to The Dells steadily growing micro list

No traps in garden last night as it was blowing a gale and peeing down, so I thought I would post this moth to see if anyone can shed some light on the ID.

The pic was sent from my daughter who lives in the Cayman Islands...... anyone know any Caribbean moths ???? most of them DO have heads !

Wingspan around 45mm ish ?

After scouring the web I'm certain this is AGRIUS CINGULATUS the PINK-SPOTTED HAWK-MOTH, found from the USA, through the caribbean and into South America.

Garden totals update:-

304 species....185 macro, 119 micro

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