WINE RACE 2016 .. MATTc380 .. TRENT 353 .. BEN 347 ...... Garden species:- Macros 357, Micros 365, Total 722

Friday, 12 August 2011

11th Aug 2011....Lull

Overnight min temp:- 14.3 deg
Overcast, calm.
Fen Wainscot was among the 52 species last night, along with a new micro, Limnaecia phragmitella, and one that looks like a worn Turnip Moth, but the antenna isn't feathered ?
I intended to retain it for the recorders but it escaped during the photo shoot and before I could rescue it, the cat ate it ! (No, it wasn't a Puss Moth or Catoptria) )
78 x Shuttle-shaped Dart
52 x Turnip Moth
11 x Straw Underwing
11 x Common Wainscot
4 x Lesser Yellow Underwing
9 x Large Yellow Underwing
2 x Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
1 x Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
3 x Orange Swift
7 x Common Rustic agg
5 x Riband Wave
5 x Cloaked Minor
3 x Yellow Shell
3 x Willow Beauty
6 x Pale Mottled Willow
8 x Uncertain/Rustic
7 x Setaceous Hebrew Character
2 x Brimstone Moth
2 x Marbled Beauty
4 x Copper Underwing agg
1 x Sallow Kitten
1 x Small Dusty Wave
2 x Grey Dagger agg
1 x Toadflax Pug
1 x Heart & Dart
2 x Iron Prominent
3 x Buff Ermine
4 x Vine's Rustic
1 x Dingy Footman
6 x Double-striped Pug
1 x Fen Wainscot
1 x Flame Shoulder
2 x Common Carpet
6 x Acentria ephemerella (Water Veneer)
1 x Cydia pomonella (Codling Moth)
2 x Hofmannophila pseudospretella (Brown House-moth)
2 x Argyresthia ljungiana
4 x Pyrausta aurata
2 x Epiphyas postvittana (Light-brown Apple Moth)
1 x Endotricha flammealis
3 x Yponomeuta cagnagella (Spindle Ermine)
2 x Monopis obviella
2 x Batia unitella
3 x Blastobasis adustella
2 x Clepsis consimilana
1 x Pleuroptya ruralis (Mother of Pearl)
1 x Limnaecia phragmitella
1 x Monopis laevigella (Skin Moth)
2 x Amblyptilia acanthadactyla
1 x Cochylis dubitana
1 x Rhyacionia pinicolana
1 x Catoptria pinella

379 species.....214 macro & 165 micro
I think I am slightly ahead for the wine bet...Captain Trappings is away for two nights to see relatives up in Smoggy-land so I will be at it with all lights blazing.
Weather looks ok if the rain holds off....4 or 5 new species would be a nice little Brucie !



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  1. Your weird Turnip moth looks like a Pearly Underwing to me...

    Good mothing