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Thursday, 18 August 2011

17th Aug 2011....Rubbish weather

Overnight min temp:- 9.3 deg
It was a bit of a joke when people were saying that we had our summer in April, more said in hope, but now it's looking like it may be the case.
It makes you wonder why migrant moths come here every year.... and why package holiday companies are going broke.
The weather bureau says it's because of a shift in the jet stream...ok, so who is enjoying better weather then because of the shift ? Where has it shifted to ? Shrug.
Ran two traps and the shed wall lights, maybe a couple of new species would have stopped me moaning about the weather, but alas no,
c190 moths of 38 species:-
47, Turnip Moth
24, Shuttle-shaped Dart
18, Setaceous Hebrew Character
16, Straw Underwing
12, Orange Swift
9, Willow Beauty
9, Vine's Rustic
7, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
4, Double-striped Pug
4, Flounced Rustic
3, Large Yellow Underwing
2, Garden Carpet
2, Yellow Shell
2, Brinstone Moth
2, Lime-speck Pug
2, Uncertain
2, Common Wainscot
2, Nutmeg
2, Pale Mottled Willow
1, Riband Wave
1, Treble-bar
1, Small Dusty Wave
1, Flame Shoulder
1, Cloaked Minor
1, Lesser Swallow Prominent
1, Marbled Beauty
1, Mouse Moth
1, Green Carpet
1, Common Rustic agg
2, Emmelina monodactyla
2, Agriphila tristella
1, Trachycera advenella
1, Agapeta hamana
1, Argyresthia ljungiana
1, Cochylis dubitana
1, Endotricha flammealis
1, Platyedra subcinerea
1, Dichrorampha species

Also a pink larva on the brick wall...25 mm +
Anyone know it ?

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