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Sunday, 14 August 2011

13th Aug 2011...Garden update.

Overnight min temp:- 12.6 deg
The last two nights have started full of promise, but the clouds have disappeared to reveal a bright full moon and the mothing comes to a sudden halt.
After trapping 8 Swallow Prominents this year to date it was nice to finally catch up with Lesser Swallow Prominent.


           Thanks for suggesting Pearly Underwing for my weird Turnip Moth.
I checked out quite a few images and thought that was a good call.
I sent pics to recorder but without seeing the underwing he could not accept it.
In the interest of accurate records, this is perfectly understandable.
The underwings are in the cat litter tray in a slightly different format so this time it's "One that got away". Pearly Underwing is now my priority target so every Turnip Moth is getting doubly checked.
I mentioned the smooth antennae on the weird one compared to the feathered of Turnip. Captain Trappings made a good there a difference between male and female as is the case of Lead-coloured Drab ???? Anyone ???

381 species...215 macro, 166 micro


  1. Hi Trent,
    Pearly underwings always show and amazing "punk hair cut" see:

  2. Thanks Tony, that's really useful. Some superb images on your photostream.