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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

7th & 8th AUGUST 2011...Quiet

Overnight min temps....7th: 9.6 deg, 8th: 10.1 deg.                                               It's been slim pickings for the last couple of nights due to the cool breezy conditions and it was nice to be able to draw breath.
Nothing new in traps, just the usual, but less of them.
So I thought I would post a moth that would set your pulses racing if one ended up in your traps ! Highly unlikely as they are day flyers but who knows ?
There is one record  of doubtful origin from 1948. On Skokholm Island, Pembrokeshire, which is believed to be ship assisted from the U.S.of A.
The other startling record from 1948 was the arrival of (then) little me.
This is common down the eastern half of North America, through the Caribbean and into South America, and is known locally as The Rattlebox Moth.
I snapped this one on Grand Cayman. In flight it looks completely pink and when it lands the markings can be seen...a little beauty !

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