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Monday, 22 August 2011

21st Aug 2011....Static

Overnight min temp...9.3 deg, calm, clear sky.
A bit cooler than the forecasted minimum, 13 deg.
Very little to report as the summer species are starting to look rather tired now and the autumn species haven't got going yet.
There has been a noticeable drop in Shuttle-shaped Dart numbers and an increase in Vine's Rustic lately.
I was clearing an overgrown Dog Rose from the front garden yesterday and came across a very large gall

Dog Rose gall
As a kid growing up in Kent, we used to call these "Robins pincushions". I'm sure there are several local names for these galls from county to county.

Another caterpillar that I can't ID was found near the trap last night, about 2inches long max....if anyone recognises it, feel free......

Unidentified larva

Two macros from last night .......


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