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Thursday, 4 August 2011

3rd Aug....Big Night !

Overnight min temp = 14.4 deg
calm, humid, cooler breeze after midnight, rain at 0400am
Best night so far with some amazing species. Yet again, over 100 Shuttle-shaped Darts were counted in the two traps.
A recce of the garden at 22.30 paid off with a White-spotted Pinion on the back wall.
More Toadflax Brocade (2) were caught, making 10 for the year. But no more Small Ranunculus...... 

 ......Other highlights were Early Thorn, Dingy Footman and a year first Orange Swift.
It was the micros that caused the most excitement....
A garden first Argyresthia goedartella has surely been overlooked in the past as there were large numbers present.
A year first Pandemis corylana was expected, but the big news was finding 1397a Diplopseustis perieresalis.
It is not yet official but I think there is little doubt.
Our micro recorder David Manning agrees with me but will submit it to a higher authority due to its rarity, and thanks also to Captain Trappings, to Ben Sale of Essex Moths fame, and the irrepressable Mark Skevington for backing up the ID.
If it is officially accepted, it will be just the 4th record for the UK as far as I know.
First recorded in Tresco, Scillys in 2001, then again in Exeter in 2007, with another in 2008 in Bishops Stortford,in the neighbouring county of Hertfordshire.
SO, here it is.......any comments/opinions will be most welcome...

I have had plenty of egg on my face in the past with ID !!!
I like this one though. Publish and be damned....THIS HAS NOW BEEN ACCEPTED.


  1. Dead cert - just like the one I photographed from Tresco in 2001 (see Atropos iss 16, pages 26 - 28, Plate 6).

  2. Cheers Skev....D. Manning made reference to the Atropos issue pic, he used it for his first comparison. He is going to forward my pics to John Langmaid just to make it official.... I hadn't realised it was you that took the shot tho.

  3. Go on there Trent! I'm pleased when its the 4th County record!